You Deserve
The Best Retirement

After raising your kids and working all those years…you deserve nothing but the best.

You deserve to retire where winter jackets are never needed.

Winter jackets are never needed in Medellín

You deserve to retire where you can make the most out of your money.

and there is no slush in the parking lots! 

... and we mean really, really far

You deserve to retire where winter boots aren't needed

Did I forget to mention that slush sucks?

In Medellín you can't even buy winter boots.

…Imagine your life in sandals, loafers and running shoes, even when is cold. (68F / 20c)

Find the retirement life you want in Medellín.

In Medellín you will find all you need:  a top-notch health care system, competitive insurance prices, BBQ weather is all year long, all at bargain. 

1. Cuenca, Ecuador.

2. Fortaleza, Brazil.

3. Mazatlan, Mexico.

4. Medellín, Colombia.

5. Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Medellín gives you better bang for your buck

far be on any other retirement destination


42k USD per Year to retire


42K USD to retire per year


34K USD per year to retire


30KUSD per year to retire


24K USD to retire per year

40% of the top South American hospitals are located in Colombia.

9 of them are located in Medellín

Get the right information to make the best decision

Why Medellín? Simple

Spring weather all year long

Living cost 70% cheaper

Top-notch health care system

Evenings on the veranda every day

Real Estate is on your side!

Here you will be able to have that property you always wanted and more. Yes, more. We will show you everything you need to know about the zones and all its differences so you can a better perspective of where you can enjoy retirement. 

Cost of living

You will get first hand information about the cost of living in Medellín РColombia, what it would cost to shop in different parts of the city. Where to go for better prices, you will learn to get the deals the locals get. Also, we will make sure you will learn about gringo pricing and how to avoid it. 


Know all of your options. The best companies, the difference in premiums and what they offer. See first hand where the services they sell will be provided. Understand the what, how and how much these services are in Colombia.


Ask the Professionals the questions you need answered. Don’t waste your time guessing, searching Google or Facebook. Get the straight up answers you need based on your specific situation and needs. Questions regarding visa types,¬†investments, real estate¬† and taxes will all be answered.


Colombia is internationally known for its Doctors. People from all over the world come here on a regular basis not only to access the services but the prices.


Medell√≠n is no longer the horrible city it was in the 80¬īs and 90¬īs, the killings and kidnappings are a thing¬† of the pass, there is now peace with the guerrillas, still a country with problems. This is a city to be seen. Now the only thing dangerous about it, its falling in love with and never leaving.¬†

Better options for a better retirement.

The information you need first hand. Seeing is believing.
We are here to show you.

BBQ weather all year long


From the farm to the table, fresh and organic. In Medellín fruits and vegetables are locally farmed. All organic and farm markets all year round.

Meet new friends

New experiences

The Tour

You are the most important part of this tour! We like to call it the ROYAL RETIREMENT TOUR. We mix all you need to know with all best and most luxurious experiences. We offer the best service to make you fall in love with Medellin.


From the moment we pick you up

you will be indulged … our job is to make you fall in love with Medell√≠n and show you all of its beauty.

cheapest retirement overseas


From where you will be staying.

You will be staying in a beautiful apartment overlooking the city with all the amenities. A full fridge at all times, daily maid, and us to show you around and teach you about Medellin.

affordable overseas retirement locations


You will be treated like you have never been treated

Every morning you will have your choice of professional massage, barber, manicure or hair styling


you will be informed of all of your options.

Visas, Insurance, Health, Real Estate (buy or rent), Cost of living. 
The what, the where and the how.

retirement information

Included in the Retirement tour

What you will learn in this retirement tour

In this retirement tour we will guide you so you can

Customers reviews

Thomas and his team are one to none. Amazing, Thanks guys, i will probably see you in sort time. Cheers
James Michael
Ferguns Falls
The service at EzRetirment were amazing, we took the 2 week deal and it was great, now we have so much to think about. Thanks
Jane and Tom Genoway
All i know is that if would have known about Medellin before, i would have been there sooner. Thanks EzRetirement Life Changer.
Mike Sendler

What you get in these 5 day tour

Our five day all inclusive tour includes

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Restaurants dinners
  • City Tour
  • your choice of daily¬† Manicure / HairStyling
  • Massage
  • Vuelta a Oriente all inclusive
  • Amazing Accommodations overlooking the city
  • Daily maid service
  • high tea (Tardeada Diaria)¬†
  • private chauffeur
  • Shopping tours
  • ¬†Visa y and immigration consultation
  • Health and Insurance advice
  • Health Tour
  • Visa Advice
  • and more

You will be amazed by what you will see, learn and enjoy during this tour. You will leave with a clear vision of what your life would be if you retired in Medellin. Retire like you always wanted, in a city where your money will go further, much further.

All that for only

US$2.750 Per  Person

You will be treated like royalty during these 6 days with us.

We call it the royalty retirement tour and invite you learn what retiring in Medell√≠n is all about…retire like you always wanted.

Only US$ 2.750

Price per Person (ask for our couple deal)