Our company is a collective of incredible people who strive to make a lovely 6-day stay in Medellin for you.

During these 6 days we will immerse you in the necessary information to be able to make a better decision at the time of your retirement. This is the itinerary of the 6 day tour where we cover all the topics of rigor and you´ll also be able to enjoy some wonderful days of new experiences. Cheers.

cheapest retirement overseas

Day One

Getting there

We pick you up at the airport, and depending on the time of your arrival and if you are tired or not, we can do a couple of things. We take a quick tour of the city, then we go to dinner at a restaurant with a spectacular view of the city. Then we install you where you are going to be this week so you can rest. we’re going to have a hectic few days.

Day Two

Let's go for a drive

Exploring the Orient, we are going for a drive!

We are going to take a very pleasant car ride and begin to see the different options that Medellin can have to retire just a very short time by road and that you can realize that it is not only a wonderful city to retire, but it also has some wonderful country options.  We should be back home between 7 and 8 pm, to cool off and have a choice of a home cooked meal or a night out at a restaurant.

Retire in Medellin

Day Three

Legal Matters

What we came here to find out.

This day we have a meeting with lawyers, they will explain your visa options and your tax responsibilities, also they will answer any other questions you have, so you can be more prepare to enjoy your golden years in style.

We will then enjoy an amazing lunch in one of the top restaurants of the city, follow by an afternoon of cultural sightseeing, like Parque de Botero, Museo el Castillo, and a stroll in the golden mile where we will enjoy a High Tea afternoon Medellín style. 

Day Four

Health Matters

Getting the right information

Like all the days before, you will have your choice of massage, stylist or barber…>After the morning wellness  we are going to have a look at the places where you would be attended, hospitals, health centers and all the places where health services are provided by the best, Yes, we only want you to experience the best.

In the afternoon we are going to take you shopping and for high tea at one of many amazing places you will have to enjoy sunny afternoons. 

Day Five

Insurance Matters

Because that safety feeling is awesome

We understand you want to feel secure with this new move, is a huge move, that is why we are going to give you all the answers, all the turn key solutions for you to move overseas. This day we are going to talk to the best insurance company in the country, make sure you understand their coverage and cost.

Lunch is probably we will have a very local restaurant, just so you can savor all your options (trust me…we are going to a good restaurant) and later on we will have High Coffee and enjoy a delightful afternoon sitting in the main park of Sabaneta. 

Day Six

we are gone!

Ok..we are going to the Cottage.

Now you can relax, all the boring stuff is done, we can get deeper into any of the subjects you want, we will have all the questions you need answered.

Now that we moved you from the apartment where you staying and we are going to our amazing cottage property just outside the city

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

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