Is retiring overseas a good idea?

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When you retire overseas you meet new people

It is a long established fact that you will be meeting new people, let that be locals or also retirees, you are going to fill your life with new friends. It’s actually one of the best things about moving overseas,  you get to meet new people and do all sorts of new things, remember, summer all year long.


When you retire overseas your money can go really far

One of the most important reasons for moving overseas is for my pension to really go far. Its i would think, up there with the weather as the top 3 reasons why you should move overseas. And can i tell you something? you should do tours of different parts of the world to retire. Try this tour in Medellín

When you retire overseas there is no more winter.

What is the one thing we wait for all year long? Yes! Spring. Now imagine this, Medellín has eternal spring like weather all year long. Yes, there are many other places that you can retire to that dont have winters, even in the states, Florida is full of Canadian snowbirds

When you retire overseas your health can even improve.

It’s a known fact that your health improves when you move overseas,when you move to warmer climates where life is more easygoing, where the stress of the big city is gone, therefore  your health improves. So, think about it, moving overseas is good for you. Moving to Medellín is wow for your health. 

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