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Cost of living retiring overseas

One of the most important things for a retiree is the monthly cost of living. the standard of living that I want or can have with that monthly budget.

The further my dollar can go, the better life I can have, so I will give you an example. a total pension of 2,000 dollars a month. You have to pay taxes, services, more food. It just isn’t enough. In Colombia, in Medellin, with those 2,000 dollars a month you live in the upper middle class, plain and simple. Food is cheaper and is also more organic, meat is cheaper, chicken is cheaper, rent is cheaper, services are cheaper, in short it is much cheaper l


Cost of Living

For example, an upper-middle-class apartment can cost approximately between 350 to 450 million pesos, that in a white floor is between 100 thousand and 128 thousand dollars, that to give you an idea, we are talking about properties in very good neighborhoods and with unprofitable taxes. In taxes we can be talking between less than a thousand and 4 thousand dollars a year in taxes, and when 4 thousand dollars are being paid, property is a crazy thing.

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Cost of living overseas.

A farmhouse, which is something that I call mansiones paisas, you can pay from 800 million pesos onwards, which is 228 thousand dollars to 3,500 pesos per dollar. 228 thousand dollars to buy practically a mansion, a super property, country, with more benefits for the buyer, more land, more house, fresh air, more organic. It’s that simple, do you have questions? ask me.

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