Retiring overseas from Canada

Canadians are hit especially hard by the cold issue. For a Canadian the number one topic of conversation is the weather. This is a very intense topic for Canadians.

A friend ever asked me … Thomas! But if you are Canadian, why are you not in Canada? and I list many beautiful things about Canada; He has this and that and this other and outside of that this and this too … to which I replied … and coincidentally there was a Canadian friend at that time. We just looked at each other and said at the same time, but winter is the worst!

At no time do I want to speak ill of Canada, (I love him) but I love the heat more than the cold, that’s that simple.


The winter is directly related to depression and unfortunately winter makes the country with a high number of people with depression, even more so when they are in the golden years and their group of friends or family is not so large.
Tommy Rivers
UI / UX Designer