things to consider when moving abroad

Things to consider when retiring abroad

There are many things that you should take into account when you go to live in another country, even thinking about it is wow!  wow, the question is a bit vast. Let us begin, there are several important things. Family – how far are we going to be from them? The cost of living, this can greatly influence where we want to or where you can retire.

One thing that is very important to me is: What we are going to miss? …what are the things i can not live without, which ones i can  compromise.

 If I move somewhere else… It is something that I think is very important. For example, I really miss 3 things from Toronto, all three are food. 1. the queen and spadina hot dogs (yes … I really need them) 2. the veal sandwiches at Comisos. 3 – Putine! I do miss them but i can do without them without any problems.

We must take into account that we are going to face another culture and another way of doing things, there are times that we do not consider it when we move to another place. We cannot expect these places to have the same traditions that we are used to.

How good the health services are, is something that must also be taken into account when retiring in another country, it is very important that the medical infrastructure is solid, we do not want to take an unpleasant surprise.